Wire Jewelry Making – How To Guide

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The Easy and Simple Way of Wire Jewelry Making

It’s all in a day’s work for Mario Stefanovic, as wire jewelry making expert, but it’s fascinating to see how a simple length of shiny wire takes shape and personality under his talented manipulation (check out some of Mario’s work here).

gold wire
Personalized wire name jewelry making
Personalized wire name jewelry making

Personalized wire name jewelry makingMario starts with a length of goold-filled wire.

twisting gold wire

He carefully makes the first few bends and turns, creating the clover that helps to stabilize the top bar.

creating the wire jewelry

The first letter of the wire name is emerging as he starts on a capital “w”.

making wire jewelry

This wire name starts to come to life as Mario finishes the word “Wire” and continues on with a capital “N”.

how to twist wire into jewlery

He rounds out the “m” cleanly and smoothly, his practiced hands easily working the tricky wire into smooth, elegant letters.

wire jewelry making

“Wire Name” is now finished as he moves on to the word “Jewelry”. This lovely piece of art is coming to life.

wire jewelry demonstration

almost done- wire jewelry

wire name logo- almost finished

completed wire name logo

The final step on most jewelry items would be the stabilizing bar across the top. This is the completed wire name logo.

Let us create a beautiful, wearable, personalized artwork name out of gold or silver wire for you or your loved ones.